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Green Audit, Environment Audit and Energy Audit

We conduct Green Audit, Environment Audit and Energy Audit as per NABCB 17020 


As per Criteria 7 of NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council Green Audit, Energy Audit and Environment Audit is mandatory for all the higher educational institutions.

Green Audit

Scope of Audit

  • Water consumption and management
  • Air quality assessment and management
  • Electricity consumption and management
  • Sound pollution monitoring
  • Waste management
  • Biodiversity status of the campus

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is to determine the efficient use of energy resources.

Scope of Audit  

  • Electricity, Fuel, Lighting, HVAC and Water consumption
  • Electrical Distribution System, Lighting System, HVAC System along with respective energy conservation measures
  • Energy Monitoring & Accounting System
  • Maintenance practices

Environment Audit

Environment Audit is to identify environmental compliances and impact of activities on environment

  • Waste minimization, disposal and recycling
  • Environmental condition of air, water, greenery and noise
  • Environmental Protection Initiatives
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Conservation of Environment and natural resources

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