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Present Scenario - Manual Evaluation

In present scenario Answer Sheet Evaluation are manual Process. Physical copies of Answer Sheets are stored at Secure location and universities Invite to Paper Checkers/Moderators at Central/distributed locations. For this a Secure Physical Environment for Evaluation is required.

Professor or Teacher need to handle physical copies of Answer Sheets. Evaluator Need to make entry of marks manually and various logistics Activities are involved into the process.

The process of conducting and evaluating paper-based exams is very complex and challenging. On-Screen Marking (OSM) system provides an extensive platform for evaluating pen and paper based examinations on computer screens. On-Screen Marking system completely automates the marking and scoring of descriptive answer scripts into an accurate, simple, secure and efficient process.


On Screen Marking

What is on Screen Marking?

  • Digitizing answer sheets using Book/AFD Scanner
  • Transferring of encrypted images to evaluation centers
  • Allowing subject wise access to evaluator to award marks on screen.
  • Awards are synchronized with server for result tabulation

Process & Steps
















Comparison: Conventional System & Digital Evaluation

Narration Conventional Mode On Screen Marking
Distribution Physically Distributed to Evaluation Centers No Physical Movement
Choice of Evaluators Only who can reach the Evaluation Center Anywhere in the World
Time for Evaluation Only during office hours Any time Any Where
Authenticity Evaluator authenticity is at risk in remote locations Bio-Metric & Retina Recognition Authenticity
Per day limit on sheets checked Pilferage possible Minute to minute record of sheets checked
Missing of Question/Page Possible with Human Error Software Restrict any such error
Manage Optional Questions Possible with Human Error Software will ignore any extra marks
Manual Work Receiving/Counting/ Totaling/Dispatch Automatically by Software
Result Manual Tabulation Real Time Result Generation
Totaling Manual Automatically by Software
Role of Head Examiner One head examiner all subjects Relevant subjects & suspected cases are transferred
Return of Answer Sheets Physically Returned to University No Physical Movement
Storage of Answer Sheets Physically consuming huge space Electronically in small hard disk
Retrieving of Answer Sheets Cumbersome process Click of a button
Transparency Difficult for Student to Access Be given to all students by default
Re-Totaling & Revaluation Unnecessary attempts by Students Authentic Attempts after seeing their sheet
Paper Matching with Prescribed Pattern Not Possible Software generates this report
Analysis of Questions Not Possible Section & Topic wise Analysis of each subject
Performance Analysis College wise Course wise Only Topic & Question Wise Analysis of Teacher & Evaluator
Evaluators Remuneration Prepared Manually Auto Generated
Academic Reforms Not Possible Analysis can reform Syllabi, Course Material, Teaching Standard, Learning Outcomes




Electronic transfer of sheets to & fro from University & Evaluation Center



Minimization of time consumed in entire process due to electronic transfer



Transfer of sheets in encrypted form



Any time, any where checking by evaluators from across India



Fully automated Accurate, Fast and Flexible Marking



Saves time in physical management of sheets, writing marks on Sheet & Totaling



Paper Pattern, Subject, Section, Topic, Teacher, Evaluator,  College Wise Analysis



Quick retrieval of answer sheet for RTI/Legal cases/re-evaluation

Academic Reforms

  • Comparison of Scheme in Question Paper and defined Syllabi
  • Syllabi Modification from performance analysis
  • Topic wise Train-the-Trainer programs as per ¬†area of improvement identified
  • Grading of Teachers
  • Offer-relevant professional certifications for students proficient in specific topics
  • Placement positioning as per academic analysis of students


  • Define Exam Master, Student Master
  • Subject Wise Evaluator / Moderator Data
  • Scanning using Book Scanner / Paper Feeder
  • Quality Check of Sheets
  • Allocation & Distribution Settings (Automatic or Manual)
  • Evaluation can be done on LAN or Online
  • 100% Security & Confidentiality through Masking of Answer sheet
  • Question Paper, Answer Key & Answer Sheets Display on One Screen
  • Marks Awarding Interface as per Question Paper Pattern
  • Real-time Analytics and reports needed for Result Processing
  • Easy Retrieving of Answer Sheets through Roll No.
  • Easy adaptability by evaluators due to Exact replica of physical evaluation process
  • Software developed in-house, Open to Customization

Project Cost

Project Cost includes the following factors

Hardware | Software | Project Implementation & Technical Team
Scanning Manpower | Infrastructure & Facilities | Logistics, Travel, Boarding & Lodging

The above cost factors are directly proportional to

  • Number of Sheets
  • Number of Evaluation Centers
  • Number of Subjects
  • Time Available for Scanning
  • Time Involved in Evaluation

The cost can be calculated only after having the above inputs.

For further details email at paramjeet@qualityindia.in or contact at 9915526263